Vulnerability Penetration Testing

Information Security, especially Cybersecurity has been a top concern for most Board of Directors and ‘C’ Level Executives over the past several years.  Companies must proactively and comprehensively address their information security risks.

Assessing your Company’s security vulnerabilities, identifying gaps and most importantly remediating them is a key to maintaining a good information security posture.

Assure’s Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing services are designed to help management proactively address their Information Security risks and concerns.

Our Vulnerability Assessments are designed to help identify security vulnerabilities within an organization’s technology (applications and infrastructure).

Our Penetration Tests are designed to attempt to exploit the potential vulnerabilities / entry points identified and verify the validity of the vulnerabilities identified.

Our assessments can be performed from both external (remote) and internal (onsite) perspectives to assess common entry points into the environment.