Performance Appraisal

In sophisticated, well-managed organizations, performance appraisal is the single-most powerful instrument that management has to mobilize the energy of every employee toward the achievement of strategic goals.

Used poorly, performance appraisal becomes a dreaded annual exercise that is widely seen as a waste of time. But used well, the procedure focuses every employee’s attention on the mission, strategy, vision, and values of the organization. It makes it possible to answer the two questions that every person asks: what do you expect of me, and how am I doing at meeting your expectations. And it differentiates among outstanding, solid, and marginal performers.

Getting It Right

The most-admired organizations use performance appraisal right. They have the know-how to set meaningful goals, assure effective execution, assess individual contributions and deficiencies, identify and retain top talent, and rewarding employees on a meaningful, accurate basis. If exemplary performance is important to your organization, there is no faster or more controllable way to gain dramatic improvement than by implementing a performance appraisal process that is right for your company and your people.

Services and Solutions

We’re not focused on “best practices.” We’re focused on right practices––the tools, procedures, techniques, and training that are specifically right for the needs of your company.

We help organizations create and implement performance appraisal systems that transform the way they guide, direct, assess and develop human performance